Kindle Paperwhite: The Perfect way to read ebooks

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Post by sahil » Thu Oct 09, 2014 12:28 pm Kindle Paperwhite: The Perfect way to read ebooks !!

There is no need to discuss the specifications as that is already clear if you are reading reviews about Kindle Paperwhite.

However things which you need to know is the usage and e-books.

Unlike tablets, New Kindle Paperwhite is designed to deliver the ultimate reading experience.
No screen glare in bright sunlight
Read with one hand, lighter than most tablets
Battery lasts weeks, not hours
Next-generation built-in light, read without eye strain

Currently Kindle provides the maximum number of e-books than any other e-book stores. Most books available are cheaper than the physical books. I am talking mainly for US & UK books, Indian books on the other hand are available in abundance. Especially as the market is growing so are the quantity of the books availability. In case if you have a PDF, instead of using it to read it on Kindle, just convert the same to Kindle format with the help of conversion software (like Calibre) and load the books.

Loading the books is the easiest just drag and drop.

Some people have commented that Kindle doesn't have 2 stage authentication, so in this case please don't save your card with Amazon and punch in the numbers every time you need to buy.
You don't need 2 stage authentication if you are careful where you use the card. Make sure you buy it only when you are using your own computer / laptop.

All the features, right from the Dictionary to the X-Ray ensures that you have an amazing reading experience instead of dreading to read a book completely. You can even make your children get into the habit of reading short stories and fables etc.

Battery Life
I personally read up to 3-4 hours everyday on Kindle without charging for 5 weeks. Very important point to be considered is to make sure that the device is in Airplane mode when you are not using the Wi-fi or 3G services and adjust the brightness according to the place where you are reading. Simple.... this will ensure that the battery sustains its life for easily 5-6 weeks.

As the device itself is so light, you can hold it without getting any crams. As the device uses e-ink tech or back-lighting tech its very easy on your eyes and has an edge over reading books on your tablet. Overall you will and I can guarantee that it will feel you are reading an actual book. Under sunlight only Kindle Paperwhite will work, tablets and smartphones.... no way.

Customer Service
Didn't get the opportunity to use them, however a colleague of mine spoke with them and really loved the way they responded. However nobody can guarantee with respect to customer service, everybody has a bad day; but since its Amazon, they will be careful of their brand image.

Things you might need
A scratch guard, especially as we are going to use the screen to move from one page to another and access various other facilities.
A good quality case / cover. Don't go for the cheaper version and try to select the one in which your kindle slides in a pocket - it helps to secure the entire device and saves the body from any scratches. Trust me you need both of them.

Many people will argue about its usage, however for people who like to read and there are times you try to grab an opportunity to read your books while travelling especially during your train, bus or plane journey. This is the perfect gadget for you. It also allows you to carry 'n' number of books at a time, so that in case if you are getting bored of reading one you can switch to another book - instead of carrying 2 or more physical books at the same time.

Overall the perfect way to read e-books.

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